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Pegasus Behavioral Health Solutions

Designed to assist individuals with multiple comorbidities, including:
persistent, and severe mental health conditions as well as medical conditions.

Our Background

Pegasus Health Care Corporation was established to develop programs to assist individuals with multiple comorbidities, including persistent, serious mental illness and medical conditions.

We are proud to be able to work with organizations who are interested in integrating physical and behavioral health care and look forward to making a difference together.


Pegasus Program Services

We offer consulting,programming assistance and workforce development programs to entities who have a desire to improve health outcomes and wellness for individuals with complex medical conditions and chronic mental illness.


Consulting Services

  • Assistance with establishing collaboration between primary and behavioral health care and long-term care settings

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Psychotropic Medication Management

  • Person Centered Treatment Planning

  • Behavioral Health Training for Workforce Development

  • Crisis Prevention  

  • Intervention Training for Workforce Development

  • Care Management Training for the Interdisciplinary Team

  • Supervisory Training

Program Details

The program will make supportive learning opportunities available on a daily basis. Therapeutic groups such as coping skills, anger management, and social skills will be available every week.

Resident educational programs will be provided on topics such as diagnoses, medications, and how our health is impacted by our mental health. Therapeutic recreational activities will be available daily to help residents learn new leisure skills, build new relationships and practice coping skills. 

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